Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dyslexia contacts and links

On this page I hope to provide useful links for adults with dyslexia, parents of children who are struggling at school, mature students and teachers.

A search for Dyslexia,uk will bring up many links but here are some of the most useful. - site set up by a young dyslexic man  British Dyslexia Association  London Southbank University - search for dyslexia on this site. - excellent study skills site linked to Palgrave MacMillan, publishers of the Stella Cottrell study skills books.  Ability Net - advice  T heProfessional Association of Teaers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties  Excellent website for a centre in Maidenhead
The Maidenhead Dyslexia Centre was set up some years ago by a colleague of mine from East Berkshire College.  Since then she has worked tirelessly for the adult dyslexic population in the area.
The Centre arranges assessments and tuition.  Take a look at their website.  Even if you do not live in the area there is much information and interest on its pages. Adult Dyslexia Association

For Leeds and West Yorkshire try
Sue Allen and Ros Lehany

For parents  Typing Tutor downloaded free - also downloadable keyboarding package

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