Sunday, 19 February 2012

Writers, Writing and Competition Links

The competitions booklet is now available for the Winchester Writers' Conference which is held in June each year.  There are 18 competitions and you can enter even if you do not go to the Conference.  Entry fees are £7 per competition entry for those attending and £9 for those who are unable to participate.  There is a children's poetry competition with three age bands and the theme centres on the environment and nature.  The deadline for the First Three Pages, Short Story and Shorter Short Story is 25 May 2012 and the deadline for all other competitions is Friday 1st June 2012.
If you can find the Conference fee for the Saturday, it will pay dividends as this entitles you to attend a plethora of helpful seminars and have three 1-1 interviews with writers, agents or publishers, only two of which can be with an agent or publisher. 

Go toWinchester Writers Conference

On the website you will also find a link to the Novel Writing Weekend in March.  I attended this event in 2011 and found it both stimulating and valuable.  If you have not been on one of these weekends organised by the Winchester Writers Conference, I can heartily recommend it.

I have just 'liked' this Facebook page of World Literary Cafe but the above is the website which is of great interest to authors, readers, in fact anyone interested in the literary world.

Other links of interest would be
Mslexia is the magazine for women who write.  It is full of good articles, advice, new writing, features, calendars of writers' events and lists of competitions.

At the moment my grandchildren and I are writing poems for the competition Welcome to Britain.  The deadline is 6 April.  To find out more go to

Bridport Prize

Writers drivel

Meeting an illustrator this afternoon - I can't even draw a straight line so I am in dire need, if my Grandma's Poetry Book is going to get published.

Anyway it made me clear out a very old Poetry folder and sort out the dross from the nearly dross.  I have enough general poems for another book  - they tend to be verging on the political and give a taste of what was in the news at the time.
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